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Cingal® osteoarthritis patient and specialist testimonials

Knee osteoarthritis patient
experiences with Cingal®

Meet Gary

a motorsport enthusiast and knee osteoarthritis sufferer.

a motorsport enthusiast and knee osteoarthritis sufferer
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I’d had severaI Monovisc® injections and was very satisfied with the results…I needed rapid relief because I had a series of events coming up. So, in consultation with the orthopedic surgeon, it was decided I would get a Cingal® injection.

It’s now been six-plus months with the Cingal® injections in both knees. I have no pain; the mobility is there, the flexibility is there, I’m able to do all my exercises with greater ease…and able to strengthen myself to protect my knees for the long term.

– Gary*

Meet Jeff

president of the CFL Players’ Association and former centre for the Toronto Argonauts

Jeff keeping
Jeff Keeping
president of the CFL Players’ Association, former centre for the Toronto Argonauts
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After sustaining a knee injury during training camp, 2016, my athletic trainer and the team doctor recommended Monovisc®, which helped to manage my knee pain and allowed me to return to my training.

A few months later, I got a shot of Cingal®. The fast knee pain relief meant I was able to stay on top of my training schedule and the long-lasting relief means that now, months later, I’m able to do standard CFL training four days a week with no knee pain.

– Jeff Keeping*

Meet Shayne

#44 linebacker for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Shayne Gauthier
Shayne Gauthier
#44 Linebacker for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers
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As an active CFL player for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and part-time coach, I would experience knee pain, especially while standing for long periods of time. I consulted my orthopedic specialist, who diagnosed me with osteoarthritis of the knee and recommended I receive a viscosupplement injection called Cingal®.

Following the injection, I quickly felt the relief, going on to coach an entire training camp without feeling any pain! The relief lasted for several months afterwards, allowing me to play my regular season.

– Shayne Gauthier*


healthcare professionals testimonials

My knee (previously mild osteoarthritis) flared up and became quite painful. After two weeks with no improvement, I decided to have my knee injected with Cingal®. Things improved rapidly, and I’m pleased to say I’m back to riding and training as hard as before.

– Cingal® patient and physician*

knee bones

A patient was so excited that he phoned in to let the clinic know how great Cingal® is—specifically, he wanted to let his doctor know and thank him!

– Physician,* Rebalance Clinic

A patient in BC phoned in to rave about Cingal®. The patient limped in originally, walked out, and was able to get back to his cherished activities, such as golf.


A patient phoned his sports clinic after his walking tour in Europe. He told the orthopedic clinic staff that there was no way he would have been able to manage the trip without Cingal®.



Cingal® patients

I have received a Cingal® injection, I wanted to call and thank the company for the product. My knee pain was reduced, I’m just calling to say thank you.

– Cingal® patient*

woman running

I am very active: I practise mountain biking, downhill skiing, swimming, and indoor climbing. After suffering a knee injury a few years ago, I began to suffer more and more knee pain. The pain limited me in my sports activities. I consulted an orthopedic surgeon and he diagnosed osteoarthritis of the knee. As a treatment to relieve the pain caused by osteoarthritis, he recommended an injection of Cingal®. This treatment provided a quick relief from my knee pain, which allowed me to continue my ski season. The pain relief was lasting and allowed me to finish my ski season and ride a bike afterwards. Last November, before the start of the new ski season, I decided to make an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon to receive another injection of Cingal®; again, I observed a quick relief of pain!

– Cingal® patient*

I saw my doctor yesterday morning and received my Cingal® injection. I am very active, and treatment with Cingal® allows me to comfortably enjoy my favourite hobbies. My main activity is walking—about 15 km per day—but I still get out to play tennis on the clay court. I wanted to say thank you!

– Cingal® patient*

*Individual results may vary.